Powerlifting Competition

It was a Saturday, six weeks before a powerlifting competition! I have to admit that was a little nervous and I had been asking myself why I was doing it? The answer was to challenge myself to be better and to inspire others to challenge themselves.

6-weeks-before-competitionIt’s the challenges in life that get us out of the ruts of routine living. After 3 weeks of training on a new program at a higher intensity, I realize that I have been in a rut with my exercise routine. I have been working out on a regular basis but, I had lost the passion of pushing my mind and my body to another level. Isn’t that just like life? You don’t realize you’ve lost your passion for living until something forces you out of your daily routine.

I’m pretty pleased with my progress up to this point. My maximum lifts so far are: a 305 lb bench press, a 425 lb deadlift, and a 455 lb squat. Quite a ways away from the what it takes to win my class, but I’m excited about pushing myself to new levels, and I’m so happy I decided to do this powerlifting meet. The true lesson in this is not about whether or not I win my class, it’s about competing with myself to do my very best. Now I realize that I am the toughest competitor that I will ever compete against in anything that I do.