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Getting Fit And Staying Strong Is Crucial To Your Health As You Age.

People seem to think that once they reach the age of forty, their bodies start to deteriorate slipping down the slope into old age. They blame their lack of energy, their pudgy appearance and their aches and pains on “getting old”. Most of these symptoms are, however, the result of years of negative thinking, lack of exercise, and poor dietary choices. The key to keeping your body healthy, fit, and firm as you age is making healthy lifestyle choices on a daily basis.

It’s a proven fact that people who make healthy lifestyle choices live longer and have a better quality of life than those who adopt unhealthy habits. So, deciding to incorporate healthy habits into your life is the first step to getting and staying healthy, fit, and firm with age. The next step is choosing those activities that are the most beneficial in your quest to stay healthy, fit, and firm.

seniors-excercisingThose, including myself, who stay healthy, fit, and firm as the years pass find that a positive state of mind, and a proper mix of strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and balanced nutrition is fundamental to getting and staying healthy as you mature. People, such as Jack LaLanne and Al Beckles are examples of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

Al Beckles is a legend in the bodybuilding world. At the age of 55, Al placed second in the Mr. Olympia competition, the premier bodybuilding event which thousands of competitors from across the world dream of winning each year. Al Beckles competed into his sixties because his physique was still phenomenal and better than competitors more than half his age

Jack LaLanne was a living icon to the benefits of healthy thinking, eating, and exercise. Over the years he performed amazing feats of strength and conditioning on his birthday. Jack worked out well into his 90s, devoting one and a half hours each day to strength training. This is a true testament to the value of strength training as you mature.

Winning deadlift of 513Lbs

While I don’t place myself in the same class with Jack LaLanne and Al Beckles I can tell you the value that healthy lifestyle habits have in my life. I am the 2018 Masters Over 60 Powerlifting Champion, lifting more weight than I could have in my 20s.

I’ve written this post with the hope of changing your concept of aging. You can be healthy, strong, fit, and firm regardless age.