Increase Protein Intake for Better Health

I’ve been advocating for many years the importance of getting enough protein in your diet for healthy aging. Now research is finally proving that you do need more protein in your diet as you age for overall health and well-being. This is a must read article if you are over 50.

ARTICLE: Older Adults:  Double Your Protein Intake for Better Health


Don’t Think You’re ‘Old’? You Still Need More Protein

OK, so 50 is far from old. But when researchers throw around the term “older adults,” they generally mean 50-plus. And while sarcopenia really doesn’t hit full force until 65, gradual loss of muscle mass and function can start even before your 50th birthday, according to IL-Young Kim.

What’s more, research is increasingly showing that pumping up your protein intake – no matter your age – can boost your health. “Muscle plays an important role in whole-body metabolism in both young and old,” Kim says.