Here’s a Great Exercise to Strengthen Your Core Using a BOSU

Having a strong core is essential to your overall body strength.  Your core is made up of the muscles of your torso and in simplest terms they are the muscles that connect the lower part of your body to the upper part of your body. Thus, your torso muscles are involved in every movement you make from simply getting out of bed, to doing your favorite activities.  A lot of hip, and back pain is associated with weak torso muscles, so you see that developing a strong core is very beneficial to your overall health and strength.

Most people think that their core is made up of only the abdominal and lower back muscles.  However, your core also include your hip flexors, which are the muscles of your inner and outer thigh, and your hip extensors, which involve your glutes and hamstrings. All these muscles are involved in sitting down and getting up, lifting, and in every step you take, so it’s extremely important to keep them healthy and strong.

In the attached video I demonstrate one of my favorite exercises for strengthening your core.  This exercise is so effective because it hits all the muscles of your core.  Just try it and see for yourself.