Healthy Lifestyle Motivation Year-Round

This is the time of the year when most people give-up on accomplishing their New Year’s resolutions.  Here’s a great post written by Paige Johnson of with some very helpful hints to help you create and keep healthy lifestyle habits year-round.

Healthy Lifestyle Motivation Year-Round

The holidays may be over, but they might have left you with a few unhealthy habits that you have no intention of keeping. With this new year now well underway, you are ready to buckle down and make your healthy lifestyle decision permanent. Try as you may, however, your commitment to the lifestyle transition has not lasted very long. Again and again, you find yourself admitting that giving up your bad habits is a lot harder than maintaining them.

Yet deep down you are aware of the damage these unhealthy habits are doing to your body. As you continue to ignore the effects of your unhealthy choices, the dire repercussions loom. Although making healthy lifestyle changes only when a doctor advises you to isn’t ideal, you may simply not know where to start or how to properly motivate yourself to get going if you don’t see one.

Regardless, you have decided to make this the year you start your everlasting healthy lifestyle. Now what?

In order to really commit to a healthy lifestyle, you may need to make things fun, or at least a little enjoyable! That may be hard at first due to the necessary alterations your daily routine will have to take, but it is possible. Start with small, incremental changes that you feel comfortable with. Celebrate these little upgrades by remembering them at the end of each day. As these days collectively turn into a month, your tiny improvements will gradually flow into a larger accomplishment right under your nose.

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Success sneaking up on you

By the time you have reached the one-month milestone, you may notice that you feel lighter, healthier and happier. If you do not for some reason, try replacing your preferred less-than-healthy beverage — like soda or sweetened tea — with water. The human body is comprised of mostly water and needs a couple of liters each day to stay properly hydrated. Without this vital liquid, your energy levels and mental alertness may severely suffer, inhibiting you from staying motivated. Another key area that you may want to examine is your sleeping habits. Getting a good night’s rest will raise your mental and physical energy to a level that may help you achieve your healthy lifestyle quickly.

Maintain a slow, but steady progress

Another great motivator that may help you maintain progress toward your healthy lifestyle goal is participating in a fun, physical activity, whether at home, the gym, or outside. Finding this activity or hobby that you want to participate in more than once may be challenging, but it is a great way to stay engaged in your goal regardless of whether you fancy bull riding, ballet dancing or jogging. If you are having fun and moving around, keep doing it! Exercise that elevates your heart rate has a lot of great benefits for your body and brain. The mood-enhancing effects of exercise alone can aid your ability to push yourself further than ever before. If you are unable to find the right hobby immediately, try not to give up. Walking for a half an hour a day may not be your favorite exercise, but it will suffice while you take your time finding your new go-to activity.

Being aware of what is consumed

Overindulging in any one thing, even if it is healthy, can be a bad thing, which is why it is beneficial for everyone to be mindful of what goes into their bodies. Despite this, at the end of the day, many of us are guilty of eating dinner mindlessly as we watch TV or play on our phones. However, with practice, preparation, and planning, overcoming this challenging habit can be fun! Try making each meal a succulent and flavorful delight that will easily draw all of your focus in, and then savor each bite by chewing your food slowly, taking note of each delicate flavor.

Making this year the one you turn your life around can be achieved with the right motivation. If you believe that feeling healthier quickly is the boost you need to stay dedicated to your healthy lifestyle goal, try adding more water to your diet or adjusting the amount of sleep you are getting each night. Encourage others to join you by asking them to take part in a fun activity or hobby that requires a lot of movement. These adjustments may be the motivational solutions you need to make your healthy lifestyle last a lifetime.