Your Health, Strength, and Fitness Doesn’t Have to Decline With Age

My name is Darvis Simms, and I am a personal trainer.  Over the last 24 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people get and stay healthy, strong, and fit.   I want to help you realize your fitness potential by sharing some of the things I do and have learned about getting and staying healthy, strong, and fit as I age.

As I mature and my client base matures, I’m beginning to specialize in fitness over age 40.  I’m writing this post to show you that your health, strength, and fitness level does not have to decline as you age.  I’m in my late fifties so I understand the challenges you face as you fight the aging process.  I am stronger, more fit, and feel better than I did in my twenties and you can be too.

It’s a common belief that once you past the age of forty your health, strength, and level of fitness starts to decline.  Over the age of 40 most people blame their lack of strength, their chubby appearance, and their aches and pains on “getting old”.  While most of these symptoms are the result of years of negative thinking, lack of exercise, and poor dietary choices.  The key to keeping your body healthy, strong, and fit as you age is making healthy lifestyle choices on a daily basis.

It’s a proven fact that people who make healthy lifestyle choices live longer and have a better quality of life than those who adopt unhealthy habits.  So, deciding to incorporate healthy habits into your life is the key to getting and staying healthy, strong, and fit with age.  I have found that a positive state of mind, a proper mix of strength training and cardiovascular exercise, and a balanced diet is fundamental to getting and staying healthy, strong, and fit no matter your age.

I believe a positive state of mind is the first and most important step in your journey to get and stay healthy, strong, and fit over time.  You have to rid your mind of all the negative images you have of aging.  Your body conforms to the mental image you hold of yourself.  Envision yourself becoming weak and frail as you age, and that is what you will become.  On the other hand, imagine yourself strong and full of life and that is what you grow into as you age.

Your body completely rebuilds itself every 11 months.  This means every cell in your body is replaced each year.  Whether your body rebuilds itself with strong healthy cells or weak unhealthy cells starts in the way you think about yourself.  Think of yourself as strong and healthy,  and your body will replace old weak cells with strong and healthy cells.

Think about this, medications do not heal your body.   They only aid your body in healing itself.  Positive and healthy thoughts are more powerful in the healing process than any medication you could ever take.  Thus, a fitness program built around a belief in your continued health, strength, and fitness level as you age is core to staying that way.

Seeing is believing, watch the video below as I demonstrate that you can get stronger as you age.  This is my personal best deadlift of 460 pounds for 5 repetitions I did recently at the age of 58.