Front Squats on a BOSU

The BOSU ball was invented by David Weck in 1999. Since then its popularity has exploded and now this piece of equipment is a staple in many fitness centers. I use the BOSU a lot with my clients  BOSU is short for ‘both sides up’. It is used for balance training, core strengthening, and reflex improvement. The BOSU ball isn’t really a ball, it’s actually half of a ball on a board.

Because the BOSU ball is unstable when it is used dome-side down, users are forced to use more muscles, thereby improving overall strength, and balance. The use of this unstable piece of equipment works not only the major muscles but also the smaller stabilizing muscles that are usually minimized during typical workouts. Routine exercises such as lunges, squats, overhead presses, and push ups become more intense when being performed on a BOSU. This result is more challenging workouts,  more effective strength training. and improved balance.

Watch the video below as I demonstrate one of my favorite exercises on a BOSU; front squats.  Try this one if you really want to increase the intensity of your workout.